Fukuya Mentaiko (90g)

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Mentaiko is a speciality food of Fukuoka in Kyushu, known as its grainy texture with a mild spiciness. It is usually eaten with onigiri or in pasta but is also enjoyed by itself with sake.

FUKUYA Mentaiko is made from the eggs of the walleye pollock caught in the waters of the frigid northern ocean. They are immediately processed and frozen on the fishing boat, and brought to Japan in a condition that thoroughly preserves the freshness.

FUKUYA uses only the safest eggs of the highest quality that have passed through numerous checks. The extremely fresh eggs brought to the factory are seasoned very simply so as not to mask their true delicious flavor. They are then allowed to mature for a short period of time. The flavor hinges on a special blend of hot peppers that is the culmination of many years of searching for the perfect flavor. The liquid seasoning used for marinating is created with a minimum of ingredients, a balance that was honed by the company founder over many long years of experimenting. No other ingredients are added to ensure that the perfect blend of ingredients remains uncompromised. They draw out the maximum flavor of the ingredients to produce the best product. That is a policy backed by over 60 years of their history.

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