Fresh White Truffles from Alba


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Airflown Fresh White Truffles from Alba, available by pre-order. Order by Friday noon to get the truffles by Friday or Saturday the following week, depending on flight schedule. Minimum order of 200g; for orders more than 200g, please send us a message.

Next availability: December 11; pre-order cut-off December 4

White truffle season has begun! These white Alba Truffles (Tuber magnatum) are found in Northern Italy and are harvested in the fall and early winter.

White Truffles have a golden exterior with delicate tan or cream colored flesh and a strong musky and slightly garlicky aroma. They are almost never cooked but are usually consumed fresh, typically by being shaved into paper-thin slices over pasta, risotto or salad.

Store fresh truffles in the refrigerator submerged in a container of uncooked rice or wrapped loosely in paper towels. Fresh truffles are best when used within a week or less after they arrive.