French Black Muscat Grapes by J. Meffre

From: 980.00

From: 980.00

Airflown from France.

Muscat du Hambourg

Vaucluse being the leading table grape producing department in France, this product represents, in terms of volume, the second activity of the J. Meffre establishments.

The grapes are produced on the slopes of Mont-Ventoux and are raised with passion and love by the best producers who have carefully picked and selected them for you.

They are all members of the “Fruits des Coteaux du Ventoux” union and work scrupulously and in accordance with their specifications.

The black J. Meffre grape is available in several varieties depending on the production niches, namely: Prima, Lival, Muscat de Hamboug, Alphonse Lavallée, not to mention white grapes such as Chasselas and Danlas.

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