Francis Miot Black Cherry Jam 100% from Fruit (210g)

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Fall for the subtle and delicate taste of black cherries in this fresh jam without added sugar, 100% from fruit. Black cherry jam, renowned for its sweetness, is anchored in the Basque gastronomic heritage. This jam is prepared with carefully selected black cherries and fruit juice extract enhancing the natural and original taste of the fruit.
No addition of flavors, additives, colorings or even preservatives: gourmet in its purest form!
Enjoy this jam just as delicious and fresh as a classic jam.

100% Fruit

Discover our new artisanal collection: “100% from fruit”: all the fruit, nothing but the fruit! Prepared only with quality fruits and fruit juice extract, enhancing the natural and original taste of the fruit, the fruit preparations of these jams offer incredible flavors and will delight the most demanding gourmets.
Their compositions have been carefully studied in order to offer you an optimized Glycemic index compared to a classic jam allowing you to combine pleasure and form.
The recipes in this collection are processed identically to our other ranges. They are guaranteed without preservatives, colorings and no added flavors.

Maison Francis Miot

The Maison Francis Miot handmade artisan jams are developed since more than 30 years following Francis Miot’s recipes, who was awarded Best French Jam maker and three-time Best World Jam maker (Out of the Competition).

Born in Pau in 1948, Francis Miot has become the most famous jam maker in France, certainly by the number of titles and awards he has received, but also thanks to his enthusiastic communication and his inimitable mustaches!

Emblematic character of the South-West, nicknamed “the Pope of Jam”, he left his mark and his identity at the heart of the House which bears his name and which continues to carry its values ​​of authenticity, creativity and know-how. make.

A good jam is above all good fruit. Only the best varieties are selected for their exceptional taste qualities! The fruits are picked when ripe to fully reveal their aromas. Our jams are made with fruits mainly favoring local producers.

The fruit is cooked in small amounts in small copper cauldrons, carried out with expertise by our Master Confituriers.

During cooking, the fruits are gently stirred with a beech wood spatula. The pasteurization process takes up the ancestral gesture of our grandmothers by turning the pots.

The short and controlled cooking in small cauldrons fully preserves the flavor of the fruits rigorously chosen for their exceptional tastes.

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