Fisherfarms Classic Set


Treat your loved ones to the gift of health and delectable flavors with our collection of Fisherfarms Classic and Taster Sets. From premium boneless milkfish fillets, marinated deboned whole milkfish, smoked belly to gourmet bangus relleno and sausages, these thoughtfully crafted sets merge together the goodness of omega-3 rich fish and the joy of each bite.

Perfect for for those who prioritize a healthy lifestyle without compromising on taste, our bangus products can be a delightful addition to holiday feasts.

Fisherfarms is the leader in aquaculture processing and is the largest supplier of farm-raised seafood in the Philippines – supplying a wide range of premium, fresh frozen, and value-added seafood products to various clientele such as distributors, retailers, fast-food chains, restaurants, hotels, and other institutions all over the world.



• Marinated Deboned Milkfish (400g)
• Unseasoned Deboned Milkfish (400g)
• Marinated Deboned Milkfish 2s (350g)
• Smoked Pure Belly (100g)
• Deboned Premium Cut Milkfish Belly 2s (350g)
• Bangus Relleno (325g)
• Shrimp Raw PD IQF Assorted Size (500g)
• Large Insulated Bag

Note: Some items may be replaced with equivalent Fisherfarms items if out of stock.