Cuddle Ikeda Chiran Hana Special Blended Green Tea Bags (10x5g)


A blend that creates an exquisite taste, roasting a fiery fire that brings out the umami. The overwhelming deliciousness “Hana” produced by the red flame. This is the specialty of Ikeda, the 10th tea master.

This is one of the finest green tea, a special blended Sencha from Chiran, Kagoshima, Japan.

Kagoshima, located at the southern tip of Kyushu, is one of Japan’s premier tea-producing regions. Among its offerings, there is sencha made from the tea leaves of Chiran, one of the most famous areas for tea cultivation. Chiran tea is renowned for its rich flavor, offering delightful sweetness and a beautiful green color. It can be brewed with either cold water or hot water and is delicious either way.

“cuddle” is a brand curated by Yukiko Niimura, the third-generation proprietress of a high-end Japanese restaurant founded in 1933 in Kagoshima, Japan. She grew up surrounded by authentic Japanese culture such as food, traditional clothing, utensils, tea ceremonies, and Japanese-style hospitality from a young age. During her student years, she lived in the UK. It is this hybrid sensibility developed in these environments that is infused into the ‘cuddle’ brand.

“cuddle Products” involve collaborations with outstanding artisans she has encountered throughout Japan, particularly in Kagoshima, to develop and design genuine “cuddle original products” that showcase their craftsmanship.