Crottin de Chèvre Germain (60g)

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Crottin de Chèvre Germain is a moulded goat cheese made from pasteurized milk and matured in the Berry region. Under its fine, white rind hides a firm and slightly crumbly texture with a delicate taste.

Did you know ?
Our Crottin is a traditional product from the Loire Valley. The word Crottin comes from an oil lamp used by winegrowers from the centre of France, the cheese has the form of the lamp’s mould.

The Crottin received numerous awards for its flavour and quality. Its latest award was the Gold Medal at the 2018/2019 World Cheese Awards (WCA).

The Crottin is a traditional product of the Loire Valley

Tasting suggestions
As a snack, on a cheeseboard or in a warm dish, Crottin de Chèvre cheese does not miss a single opportunity to delight gourmet palates!

Pairing Crottin de Chèvre-Wine
A Sancerre or Menetou Blanc goes well with Crottin cheese

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