Cores Gold Filter C240



Pure gold coating
A pure gold coating is least likely to oxidize, and highlights the pure flavors and aroma of the coffee beans. This size C240 brews between 1 and 5 cups.
Vertical-shape mesh allows hot water to flow smoothly and this shape is suitable for “High temperature-Short extraction” which brings the best flavor and characteristic out of the coffee. Therefore this brewing method is perfect for enjoying fruitiness and clean mouth feel that specialty coffee has to offer.
Since Gold Filter can be used simply by setting to a holder, there is no consumption of a paper filter. It is economical because it does not generate garbage and is environmentally friendly. It is just washed with water after use, so the handling is also easy.
Product dimension: W10.5 x D9.0 x H7.5 cm
Heat resistant temperature of 130C
Gold plated stainless steel