Confiture Parisienne Rose de Sèvres x Manufacture de Sèvres (250g)


Confiture Parisienne and La Manufacture de Sèvres: a marriage of joy.

An old-fashioned marriage, what is more: that of the Parisian tradition of jam and the centuries-old art of Sèvres porcelain. A common point? The eighteenth century, the birth certificate of the Manufacture and the apogee of the Parisian jam-making culinary art. Among the survivals of these refined times, 120 ceramists who still work to transmit their art and a fabulous rose garden which already served as a model for the roses adorning the precious plates and cups. And today a raspberry and rose jam nestled in the now legendary white pot adorned with the no less legendary Sèvres rose. Hence the name: Rose de Sèvres, precisely, to be tasted while sipping tea with the matching cups.

SWEET: on a slice of country bread, on a crêpe or in a fromage blanc for the little raspberry grains that crackle to the bite.