Confiture Parisienne Orange Kumquat (100g)

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Confiture Parisienne is jam reinvented. Tradition revisited with audacious ingenuity, artisanal attention to detail and a splash of fashion. The result is haute couture preserves in packaging as stylish as the contents.

In the Duo Collection you’ll uncover Confiture Parisienne’s perfect pairings of two flavours. A little bit of something unusual heightens the whole experience, this is why red winemakers sometimes throw in a few white grapes (see Côte-Rôtie) and top perfumers often add a few drops of scents that would be considered odd or off if smelt alone. For Duo Orange & Kumquat Jam, Confiture Parisienne have applied this logic, intensifying the classic orange with the tang and sweet peel of kumquat. Spread this liberally onto toast or pancakes, use it to create a Breakfast Martini, or dollop a spoon on a cheese and pâté board.

Founders and foodies Laura Goninet and Nadège Gaulthier met during the school run and got talking over tea and presumably some jam. From their laboratory at the Viaduc des Arts, near Bastille Square, they raise jam-making to a new gastronomic level, including collaborations with Michelin-starred chefs. Confiture Parisienne’s preserves are handcrafted in gleaming copper cauldrons using small batches of environmentally friendly seasonal fruit. There are no chemicals or unrefined sugar, just innovative flavours and big concentration to surprise and delight the most discerning palates. Available in only the finest boutiques, delicatessens and food halls from Paris to New York, Confiture Parisienne – to use the Mayor of Paris’ own words – have “turned jam-making into an art form”.

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