Confiture Parisienne Nuits-Saint-Georges Wine Jelly x Domaine of Château de Prémeaux (250g)


Gelée de Nuits-Saint-Georges – Domaine du Château de Prémeaux

Confiture Parisienne innovates and celebrates. It innovates with the first Nuits-Saint-Georges burgundy wine jam. And not the first comer: that of the domain of the Château de Prémeaux. Purple color, flavors of cherry, strawberry, blackcurrant, leather and truffle. Nights! What a beautiful name to celebrate the gallant festivals that await us under the skies of Paris. Yes, the Nuits-Saint-Georges jelly is a beautiful evening jam: it goes without any fuss with the cheeses of friends like the brioche of the Aristos. 

Tasting advice

SWEET: On a toast, crepe, scône, or fromage blanc. SALTY: with foie gras, and long maturing cheeses (old Comté for example)