Confiture Parisienne Fuck the Virus – Kiwi Yuzu (250g)


The story behind the recipe

Kiwi and Yuzu, it’s the new one from Confiture Parisienne full of vitamin C that sends the year 2020 into the distance.

Well, yes, because, poop and flute, we may be well educated and eat with a spoon and a well-trained pinkie, but this health crisis, its procession of lockdown and painful certificates, all that is starting to run us wild.

So here it is: let’s trust nature. And nature, to beat the rude viruses that trespass into our sinuses without permission, she gave us vitamin C. Richly defensive and richly present, yes more so than in the orange which is however well provided, richly present we said in the yuzu and the kiwi this vitamin is your body’s best ally to face the cold weather and the coming year.

A green jam like hope made in joy and good humor in our Parisian workshop with lots of smiles on the jar to show him that we will not give in to gloom.

To be savored as a sweet revenge spread.

And, what a fucking gift!

Tasting tips

SWEET: on a slice of sourdough bread or on a cottage cheese.