Comice Pears



Extra Quality Comice Pears. Doyenné Du Comice, airflown from France.

Also known as the Doyenné Du Comice, Comice pears are a French variety that is known as one of the sweetest and juiciest of all of the European varieties favored for fresh eating.

The skin is soft, very fragile, and bruises easily. The flesh is ivory to off-white and is silky, creamy, moist, and fine-grained. When ripe, Comice pears have buttery and very juicy texture, are highly aromatic and have an exceptionally sweet, mellow, and earthy flavor.

Comice pears are best suited for raw applications as their sweet, juicy, and soft flesh do not hold up well to cooking. They can be sliced and served alone or paired with creamy cheeses for complementary flavor.