Clawson Potted Blue Stilton (100g)

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An award winning cheese, the Clawson potted blue stilton is recognized as the UK Supreme Champion Cheese at the Global Cheese awards.

It is made in the heart of the Vale of Belvoir by Master Cheesemakers who began crafting cheese over 100 years ago. Each individual Stilton is individually graded and hand-selected by Master Cheesemakers to ensure finest quality. This Stilton will be ready at around eight weeks old and is crumbly and creamy with a bold and expressive flavour. The perfect Stilton will have the telltale blue veins radiating from the centre and a distinctive tangy flavour. The cow’s milk for this Stilton comes only from local farmers ensuring low food miles. Long Clawson is one of only six dairies in the world able to make Stilton due to its PDO status.

Serving Tips:

For cheeseboard use, take Stilton out of the fridge up to 2 hours before serving to reach room temperature; this really allows the flavours to develop. Serve with crackers or plum bread. Sweet wines go especially well with Stilton – Port,  dessert wine or choose a full bodied robust red wine. Stilton crumbles effortlessly for use in salads, soups and dips. If taken straight from the fridge, it slices easily for sandwich use. Grating straight from the freezer is also possible and great for last minute recipes.

Storage Tips:

Always keep Stilton well wrapped in the refrigerator and preferably in an air tight container. This prevents the Stilton tainting any other foods in the fridge and stops Stilton being tainted by them. Properly wrapped Stilton will keep perfectly well in the fridge for a couple of weeks after opening. During this period, it will continue to mature and will become creamier in texture and develop a more mellow flavour.

Stilton freezes beautifully. Simply cut into easy to handle portions, wrap in cling film or foil and freeze for up to 3 months. De-frost slowly – preferably in the fridge overnight. Allow to reach room temperature before serving.

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