Cheese and Cold Cuts Grand Set in Bag


Build your own charcuterie board at home!

Good for 8-10 pax. Packaged in an insulated bag.
(Please note that items will be placed inside an insulated pouch before placing them in the bag to ensure they remain chilled during transport.)


  • Fourme d’Ambert AOP (100g)
  • Gouda Beemster AOP (100g)
  • Manchego DOP 6 Months (100g)
  • Petit Camembert (150g) or Coombe Castle Cheese (200g)
  • Ernest Soulard or Castaing Duck Rillette (50g)
  • Homemade Baguette
  • 4x Assorted Cold Cuts of the following or similar:

La Prudencia Gran Reserva Ham (100g)

La Prudencia Gran Reserva Shoulder (100g)

La Prudencia Iberico Bellota Salchichón (100g)

Levoni Coppa di Parma Medaglia d’Oro (100g)

Levoni Coppa Stagionata (100g)

Levoni Mortadella Oro with Pistachio Nuts (150g)

Loste IGP Bayonne Cured Ham (100g)

*Cheeses and cold cuts may be replaced with similar items if out of stock.