Capfruit Raspberry Fruit Puree (1kg)


Rediscover the full flavour of raspberry for your food preparations, pastries, dessert decoration, toppings, or simply in a yogurt.

The raspberry has a highly developed aroma. Capfruit’s method for processing the fruit allows them to offer a raspberry purée that retains all the authentic color and taste of the fruit. This raspberry purée is sweetened with 10% of weight of granulated sugar and is unpasteurized.

natural fruit puree, with no food colouring, no artificial flavours or preservatives, and containing 80% fruit minimum! Each puree is the result of a close partnership with the fruit growers, giving us total mastery of the procedure, control over the methods of cultivation and total traceability.  The fruits are harvested at maturity and sometimes even transformed and frozen on site to ensure that no flavour is lost.

This is only possible thanks to a technological know-how and flash pasteurization, as well as a very severe selection of the fruit (ripeness, varieties, regions, and farming methods). Thus, your puree or coulis have an outstanding taste, like a burst of fruit picked right off the tree at the perfect season.

Create your desserts easily and all year round like the greatest chefs.

Capfruit fruit purees are used by many glaciers and pastry chefs, starred CooksBest Craftsman of France and World Pastry Champions.

They are ideal for making pastries (mousses, desserts, macaroons, …), ice creams and sorbets, drinks (cocktails and smoothies).