Beillevaire Livarot AOP (500g)

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One of the oldest and greatest of Normandy cheeses, named after a village of Normandy where it is made. Livarot is a very strong smelling French cheese made from cow’s milk, easily identified by its washed rind and pungent aroma. Its smooth, ripe and slightly spicy flavor makes it a true gourmet item in French tradition.

It is protected by an appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC) since 1975, and PDO/AOP since 1996.

Nicknamed ‘The Colonel’ because its raffia straps are reminiscent of a colonel’s stripes, Livarot rivals Camembert as one of Normandy’s greatest cheeses. It has a pungent washed rind, while the paste is sweet and creamy with hints of slightly salty, lemony, spiciness. Each small Livarot has been carefully hand washed in brine with a hint of annato and left to mature for up to 2 months in the perfectly humid cellars.

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