Bashoudo Furi Furi Warabi Mochi Cocoa (100g)

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Warabimochi is one of the most popular Japanese sweets of the Kansai Region. It is usually a summertime snack with a jelly-like consistency made from bracken starch, sugar and water, which is often covered with a generous dusting of kinako, roasted soy bean flour. The warabimochi is smooth and silky, and just melts in your mouth.

Bashodo’s warabimochi is like no other. Established in 1868, the confectioner employs traditional production methods handed down through generations, and uses carefully selected ingredients to make its warabimochi unique in its authenticity.

Bashoudo (since 1868) offers 4 flavours of their warabimochi: Original (Kinako, roast soy bean powder), Black Sesame, Matcha and Chocolate.

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