Acquerello Aged Carnaroli Rice (1kg)




It’s the tastiest, because it’s the only rice whitened with a helix, a gentle method which leaves the grain intact.

It’s the richest, because it is aged for at least one year in refrigerated silos. Starch is more stable and flavor enhanced.

It’s the healthiest, because thanks to a patented process the rice germ is absorbed in the grains, giving them all the nutritional values of brown rice.


Produced and packed at the Tenuta Colombara, in the heart of Vercelli’s rice fields, Acquerello rice is the first aged Carnaroli in Italy, the only one restored with its germ, the most nutrient part of the grain. Discover why Acquerello is a unique rice in the world, chosen by the best chefs and from those who seek excellence in their kitchens. Perfect for risotto.

Carnaroli is an Italian medium-grained rice grown in the Pavia, Novara and Vercelli provinces of northern Italy. Carnaroli is used for making risotto, differing from the more common arborio rice due to its higher starch content and firmer texture, as well as having a longer grain.Carnaroli rice keeps its shape better than other forms of rice during the slow cooking required for making risotto due to its higher amylose content. It is the most widely used rice in Italian cuisine, and is highly prized.