Academia Barilla Fusilli (500g)

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The Fusilli, originally from southern Italy, were born from the idea of wrapping Spaghetti on a knitting needle. They take their name from the axis around which wool was once wound. Their shape is characterized by three twisted fins, forming a spiral that retains any type of sauce used. With a protein content of 14.5%, this dough from the Academia Barilla range offers you excellence with its selection of premium durum wheat, 100% Italian, and wire drawing in a bronze mold. It enjoys optimal hold in single and double cooking and a perfect al dente Barilla. The speed of the second cooking (only 40-60 seconds) will save you time when preparing your recipes. Fusilli go perfectly with rich sauces made with meat, ricotta and Pomodoro Basilico, but also work well in pasta salads.

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