A Journey to Japan

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Comes in our D&G Linen Box with Ribbon, Paper Bag & Note Card

This set includes:

Sugi Bee Garden Fruit Juice Infused Honey (500g)

Bashoudo Warabi Mochi 100g

Nagasaki Goma Tofu (100g)

Wadaman Organic Furikake (30g)

Bashoudo Furi Furi Warabi Mochi (100g)

Yuzuoukoku Umashio Ponzu (110ml)

Yuzusco Japanese Yuzu Pepper Hot Sauce (75g)

*If unavailable, one item may be replaced with another product of equal or higher value.


Serving suggestion:

For the Sugi Bee Garden Honey, dilute with 5x cold or hot water to enjoy as a refreshing drink. Furikake is often enjoyed as a seasoning with rice. For the warabimochi, a popular Japanese sweet, cut into cubes, dust on the powder, and enjoy.


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